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The Spontaneous Dance of Consciousness: Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, the Avadhoota Siddha Master

In the quiet town of Ganeshpuri, there once walked a being of immense spiritual stature – Nityananda. His very presence was a testament to the non-dual nature of consciousness, a beacon for seekers of the ultimate truth.

Life, in its infinite play, brings forth various masters to guide us. Nityananda was one such Avadhoota Siddha Master, a being who had transcended the dualities of life, living in a state of pure, spontaneous consciousness. But what does this mean for the seeker?

In the realm of spirituality, many are drawn to the allure of practices, rituals, and techniques. Yet, if one truly observes the essence of teachings from masters like Nityananda, a profound simplicity emerges. It’s not about ‘doing’ but ‘being’. It’s about recognizing that at our core, we are already that which we seek.

Consider Yoga. Today, it’s often seen as a series of postures, breath control, and meditation techniques. But real Yoga, in its truest essence, is spontaneous. It’s the natural union of the individual self with the universal consciousness. It’s not something one ‘does’ but something one ‘realizes’.

And then, there’s Guru Yoga. The relationship between a Guru and a disciple is not one of hierarchy but of pure love and surrender. It’s a dance of energies, where the Guru, through his mere presence, can ignite the Kundalini process in the disciple. Nityananda, with his piercing gaze, was known to awaken this dormant energy in many, not through elaborate rituals but through sheer grace.

The Kundalini process, often mystified, is simply the energy of consciousness rising, breaking barriers, and merging with the universal. It’s spontaneous, just like the realization of non-duality. You don’t ‘awaken’ Kundalini; it awakens when the conditions are right, often under the loving gaze of a master like Nityananda.

But above all, the teachings of Nityananda emphasize the non-dual nature of consciousness. Everything is consciousness. The joy and the sorrow, the seeker and the sought, the master and the disciple – all are manifestations of the same consciousness. In the grand play of life, duality is but an illusion. And once this is realized, what remains is pure, unadulterated bliss.

In conclusion, the life and teachings of Nityananda of Ganeshpuri serve as a gentle reminder. A reminder that in the midst of seeking, in the whirlwind of practices and rituals, the ultimate truth is simple and spontaneous. We are all, at our very core, manifestations of the same non-dual consciousness. And in that realization lies the ultimate freedom.

Self Enquiry and Kundalini

About three decades ago, life presented me with a profound realization: a sudden and altogether spontaneous awakening to the Eternal Oneness of Being. This wasn’t a result of effort or seeking; it was a spontaneous awakening. The catalyst? A chance meeting with a Siddha Master, a revered teacher from the lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.

Today, I wish to share a simple truth about Self Enquiry. For me, this practice emerged not from effort but from that destined meeting with the Siddha Master.

Yes, I had been a student of Atma Vicharya. I had also been deeply influenced by the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Vernon Howard, and Ramana Maharshi. But the depth of self-enquiry I was propelled into after meeting my Guru was unparalleled.

Life had been preparing me, it seems. The intense inclination towards self-enquiry, already present, was amplified manifold after the Guru’s grace touched me. It was as if life had been laying the foundation, creating a pathway for this deeper exploration.

Atma Vicharya is nothing but a sincere quest to understand the root of the “I” thought. It’s about nurturing the sense of “I AM” with genuine interest and love. This practice, I believe, prepares the ground for true awakening. It creates a space, both in the mind and the body, for the divine Shakti to manifest, especially during the sacred process of Shaktipata.

Being wholly committed to Self Enquiry, having an unwavering focus on understanding one’s True Nature, naturally channels a potent energy. This energy has the potential to awaken the dormant Kundalini.

In Siddha Yoga, it’s understood that the play is orchestrated by the Shakti and the Guru. The seeker’s role? Simply to surrender. To allow the Kundalini to work its magic, to unravel the complexities of the mind, and to reveal the true nature of Oneness. And when the illusion of the ego fades away, what remains is pure Self Realisation.

In Atma Vicharya, attention itself mirrors the Kundalini. Why? Because where attention goes, energy flows. And this energy is the very essence of Kundalini.

To engage in Self Enquiry, then, is to immerse oneself fully in the process of awakening.