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Discover Profound Clarity

Enlightenment Intensives - A Journey to Your True Self

Join us in the tranquil settings of Stroud’s monastery, where each session is a step closer to profound self-discovery.

Serene Location

Immerse yourself in the peaceful embrace of nature, ideal for deep meditation and reflection.

Guided Introspection

Experience the unique dyad process, facilitating direct insights into your true nature.

Expert Facilitation

Guided by [Your Name], a devoted practitioner of Yoah’s teachings and an experienced facilitator.

Understanding Enlightenment Intensives

Origins and Methodology

Enlightenment Intensives, a transformative retreat format, were first developed in the 1960s by Charles Berner. Merging the profound spiritual quests of the East with the analytical approach of the West, Berner created a unique hybrid that aimed to rapidly facilitate profound personal insights. My training under Jack Wexler further refined my understanding and delivery of these intensives, ensuring a deeply authentic and effective experience. At the core of Enlightenment Intensives is the dyad process, a structured interaction where two participants alternate between roles of speaker and listener. This process revolves around contemplating profound existential questions such as ‘Who am I?’—designed to catalyze deep introspection and moments of enlightenment.

A Sanctuary of Serenity

Discover the Monastery in Stroud

Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of the Stroud Monastery, where the lush greenery and soft whispers of nature enhance the profound journey of self-discovery. This sacred space, surrounded by serene landscapes, provides an ideal setting for deep contemplation and spiritual awakening. High-quality images below offer a glimpse into the peaceful environment and well-maintained facilities, inviting you to envision your stay at this heavenly retreat.

Voices of Transformation

James T. – July 2021
Participating in the Enlightenment Intensive was a profound experience that shifted my perspective on self-awareness. The serene environment and guided dyads helped me uncover deep truths about my identity.

Maria G. – October 2021
The intensive was more than just a retreat; it was a journey into the depths of my soul. I left with a clearer understanding of my purpose and a renewed sense of peace.

Elliot R. – May 2022
This experience was transformative. The questions posed and the setting in Stroud Monastery provided the perfect backdrop for profound spiritual insights and personal growth.

Daily Itinerary and Essentials

Program Details

Each day of the Enlightenment Intensive begins at sunrise with guided meditation, followed by a nourishing vegetarian breakfast. Morning sessions are dedicated to dyad work, exploring profound questions in pairs. After a communal lunch, the afternoon includes personal reflection time, nature walks, and group sharing. Evenings conclude with a light dinner and a circle gathering to integrate the day’s insights. The serene setting of the Stroud monastery provides a tranquil backdrop throughout.

Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable clothing suitable for both indoor sessions and outdoor activities. Essential items include a notebook, a water bottle, and personal meditation cushions if preferred. Prior to arrival, it is recommended to engage in preparatory reading provided upon registration to enhance your experience and readiness for the intensive.

Facilitator Profile: Journey and Expertise

My spiritual journey began over two decades ago, drawn by a profound yearning to understand the essence of existence. Under the guidance of the revered spiritual teacher Yoah, I delved deeply into the practices of meditation and self-inquiry. Yoah’s teachings, rooted in ancient wisdom, were transformative, shaping my path and my purpose. Today, I am privileged to facilitate Enlightenment Intensives, where I guide participants through intense explorations of self-awareness and spiritual awakening. My experiences, both as a student and a teacher, equip me to hold space for others as they encounter profound truths about their existence.

A Guiding Belief

Register for the Enlightenment Intensive


To register for our upcoming Enlightenment Intensive, please visit our monastery in Stroud, Newcastle, or contact us directly using the information below.


(255) 352-6258

Enlightenment Intensives FAQs

What can I expect during the Enlightenment Intensives?

Expect a profound journey into self-discovery through structured dialogues and contemplative practices in a serene monastery setting. Each day includes guided dyad sessions, solo contemplation, and group sharing, all aimed at fostering deep personal insights.

How should I prepare for an Intensive?

Prepare mentally and physically by maintaining a healthy lifestyle prior to the event. We recommend practicing meditation or mindfulness to familiarize yourself with introspective practices. Pack comfortable clothing and any personal items you may need for a several-day stay.

What follow-up support is available after the Intensive?

Post-intensive support includes access to private consultations with experienced guides and an invitation to join our community group, where participants share experiences and insights. Additional retreats and workshops are also available to further deepen your understanding.

Are meals and accommodations included?

Yes, your registration covers all meals, which are vegetarian and designed to support intensive meditation practices. Accommodations within the monastery are provided, offering a peaceful and comfortable environment for all participants.

What is the daily schedule like during the Intensive?

The daily schedule includes morning meditations, dyad sessions throughout the day, and evening group activities. There are breaks for meals and personal reflection, ensuring a balanced approach to intensive spiritual work.

Upcoming Events at The Dance of Stillness

Intensive Meditation Retreat

Join us for a three-day meditation retreat that delves deep into self-inquiry and spiritual awakening.

October 15-17, 2023

Registration Required

Silent Contemplation Session

A day of silence and reflection in the serene environment of our Stroud monastery.

November 5, 2023

Open to All

Dyad Process Workshop

Explore the transformative dyad process of deep questioning in a guided workshop format.

December 12, 2023

Fee Applies

Virtual Monastery Tour

Experience the peace and tranquility of our monastery from the comfort of your home.

Available Year-Round

Free Access

Embark on Your Path to Enlightenment

Discover the transformative power of Enlightenment Intensives at our serene monastery in Stroud. Take the first step towards profound self-discovery and spiritual awakening by registering today.