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In the heart of spiritual practice lies a profound truth: the essence of prayer and devotion transcends structured rituals, resonating deeply with the personal connection one has with the Divine. This truth is beautifully encapsulated in the teachings of Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, especially in their reverence for Mother Kali, the Cosmic Mother.

Mother Kali, often misunderstood due to her dark depiction, embodies not just the night but the entire cosmos. She is a symbol of Mother Nature, brimming with stars, light, suns, and moons. Her portrayal is not just an artistic interpretation but a metaphor for her omnipresence in the dance of life and death, creation, and dissolution.

Chanting as a Pathway to Divine Connection

The chants “OM Kali” by Swami Kriyananda and “Thousands of Suns” by Yogananda offer a melodious path to connect with Mother Kali. These chants are not mere words but vessels of devotion, carrying the heart’s sincere love and trust towards the Divine Mother. When chanted with deep feeling, they become a powerful medium to feel Her presence and grace.

Understanding Kali’s Symbolism

Yogananda’s elucidations on Kali in “The Essence of Self-Realization” shed light on her symbolic representations. The garland of heads signifies her presence in all minds, while her streaming hair depicts omnipresent energy. Her dance over creation symbolizes cosmic vibration, and her occasional tongue protrusion is a humble acknowledgment of the Infinite Spirit, beyond which all vibrations cease.

Kali’s images, with her sword, severed head, and outstretched hands, represent the cyclic nature of existence – creation, preservation, and destruction. Her fourth hand, raised in blessing, signifies liberation from the endless play of maya or illusion, guiding devotees towards spiritual freedom.

The Divine Mother in Yogananda’s Experience

Yogananda’s experience, as narrated in Swami Kriyananda’s “The New Path,” serves as a profound testament to the sacredness of the OM vibration. He describes OM as the Divine Mother, emphasizing the need to merge with this inner sound through deep meditation. This merging is not just an auditory experience but a unification with the cosmic vibration, leading to spiritual liberation.

Kali’s Relevance in Modern Spirituality

In contemporary spirituality, Kali’s relevance extends beyond her traditional representations. She symbolizes the dynamic balance between nature and the divine, reminding us that spiritual liberation lies in transcending material attachments and embracing the universal consciousness.

Her formless essence, representing the entire universe, also alludes to the idea that the Divine can manifest in any form, including a human one, resonating with the devotee’s devotion and perception.

Embracing Kali in Daily Life

Incorporating the essence of Kali into daily life involves recognizing the divine play in everyday existence and seeing the cosmic dance in nature’s rhythm. Simple practices like chanting “OM Kali” or “Om Krim Kalikayai Namah” can serve as constant reminders of this cosmic connection.


Mother Kali, in her cosmic grandeur and profound symbolism, offers a path to spiritual enlightenment that transcends physical forms and rituals. By understanding and embracing her essence, we open ourselves to the infinite grace and wisdom of the universe, leading us to a state of eternal bliss and liberation.