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David Spero, a revered spiritual teacher, illuminates the path of Kundalini awakening and the essence of the Divine Mother, guiding seekers to the realization of their true spiritual nature. With over 30 years of imparting wisdom, he has been a beacon of light for thousands, transforming lives and awakening souls to their divine potential.

Personal Journey of Awakening

David’s teachings emanate from his profound experience of spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 1982, a transformative moment that marked the beginning of his sacred journey. This awakening was not just a fleeting experience but a radical shift, reshaping his existence and leading him to dedicate his life to the spiritual upliftment of humanity.

Wisdom of the Ancients

Grounded in the timeless wisdom of ancient Hindu scriptures, David’s teachings are a harmonious blend of traditional insights and personal revelations. He is a vessel of divine knowledge, making the intricate tapestry of spiritual concepts accessible and relatable to all, guiding seekers to the heart of their being.

Embrace of the Divine Mother

David’s teachings resonate with the love and compassion of the Divine Mother, the eternal source of all wisdom and grace. He believes that by attuning to the Divine Mother, we can heal and transform, bringing forth love and harmony within ourselves and the world.

Teachings and Offerings

David offers a myriad of teachings, workshops, and books, including “The Dance of Stillness” and “Kundalini Awakening: The Sacred Journey,” guiding seekers on the path of love, awakening, and ecstatic heart. His words are a symphony of truth, inviting us to explore the boundless realms of consciousness and to dance in the rhythm of divine light.

Key Teachings:

  • Natural Awakening: Kundalini awakening is an inherent process, a divine unfolding available to every soul.
  • Source of Love: The Divine Mother is the wellspring of love, compassion, and wisdom, the nurturing essence of existence.
  • Healing Connection: By embracing the Divine Mother, we can manifest healing and transformation, radiating love and light to the world.
  • Journey of Realization: Spiritual transformation is a voyage of self-discovery, a path to realizing our divine essence and living in harmony with the Infinite.


David Spero is a luminous guide in the journey of spiritual awakening, a compassionate teacher who opens the doors to the realization of our divine nature. His teachings are a radiant beacon, inviting us to delve into the depths of our being, to experience the bliss of existence, and to dance in the eternal light of the Divine.

For those yearning to explore the realms of Kundalini awakening, the Divine Mother, or spiritual transformation, David Spero’s teachings are a treasure trove of wisdom and insight. Discover the essence of his teachings here.