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Embark on the Timeless Quest of Self-Discovery

Journey through the realms of Reiki healing, spontaneous enlightenment, and self-inquiry, where age-old traditions and modern insights converge, illuminating the true essence of your being

Embark on Your AwakeningBegin Your Inner Journey

Energy Awakening

Delve into the transformative power of energy awakening in Newcastle, Australia. Experience a profound shift in consciousness and connect deeply with your inner essence. Join us for a unique journey.

Self-Enquiry Workshops

Embark on a transformative self-enquiry workshop in the heart of Newcastle, Australia. Dive deep into understanding the true nature of the ‘I’ and explore the inner realms of consciousness. 

Reiki Healing

Experience the healing power of Reiki in Newcastle, Australia. Harness the universal life force energy to find balance, promote healing, and enhance your overall well-being. Trusted Reiki sessions for the Newcastle community.

My Own Journey with Kundalini

Many years ago, I found myself walking into a small upstairs room in a quiet suburb of Melbourne Australia to meet a man who, I had heard, had undergone a deep awakening into the unitive dimension of being. The man was Master Charles. (Then known as Brother Charles) 

 When Master Charles entered the room, I observed him closely; he seemed to sway like a drunken elephant and moved very slowly. He was wearing what appeared to be a silk monk’s garment (I would later learn that this was a gift to him from his guru, the late Baba Muktananda.)

My mind was not at all impressed by any of this, for my image of an awakened sage was that he or she would be beyond image consciousness, simple and ordinary. Master Charles seemed to be full of a sense of theatre and show. 

I sat disappointed, reviewing in my mind the great expense I had now accrued in getting to this disappointing meeting.  A fake, I thought.

I was in this state of total disillusionment, and free from expectation that anything might happen, when Master Charles started to casually gaze around the room (he still hadn’t spoken.) 

I was seated toward the back of the room, and when his gaze met mine, something happened that was outside of time and space. Suddenly a deep intuition arose within my heart that Consciousness is not separate. Like dry leaves caught in a swift strong wind, I could feel all prior conditioning based on separation crumble, and the tension that goes with it dissolve in a flash of timeless understanding.

What happened next came totally out of the blue; I felt a subtle sensation within the region of my chest, almost as if a cork had been popped, then vast waves of Love began surging within my being. These waves just kept on coming, arising from somewhere deep within my own Self, and as they flowed, my whole being was saturated in Love.

Suddenly it occurred to me that this Love was flooding the whole universe, filling and sustaining all and everything. At that recognition, my mind lost its hold, and I melted totally in the recognition that there is enough love within each of us for all of us. There is no shortage of Love. The universe is filled with it, and it is us.


Services Overview

Embark on a transformative journey with our diverse range of services tailored to guide you towards inner peace, self-awareness, and spiritual awakening.

Dive Deeper

Reiki Attunement Workshops

Dive into the ancient art of Reiki, a transformative energy healing technique. Our workshops guide you through the process of attunement, empowering you to channel universal energy for healing and balance. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned practitioners in Newcastle. Join us and awaken your inner healer.

Reiki Sessions

Experience the healing power of Reiki, a holistic energy therapy that promotes balance, well-being, and spiritual connection.

VCM Vibrant Charismatic Meditation Classes

Discover the dynamic practice of VCM, a meditation technique that awakens inner vitality and spiritual connection.

Self Enquiry Workshops

Dive deep into the essence of your true self, exploring the profound questions of existence and consciousness.

Meditation Group

Join our communal meditation sessions, fostering a shared space of stillness, mindfulness, and collective energy.

Spiritual Philosophy Study Group

Engage in profound discussions on spiritual philosophies, exploring timeless teachings and contemporary insights with like-minded seekers.

What Participants Say

Hear from those who’ve experienced the transformative power of our offerings

I liked the energy embrace, the walks and chi gong. But more generally I loved the healing environment created.


You’ve created an atmosphere of intimacy, warmth, relaxed and cozy simplicity, unpretentious learning, fun, unconventional growth, tribal–like friendship and communion, health, and healing.  Especially loved this land, its gift of nature’s bastion of wholeness, stillness, and oneness = for the most stimulating program of exercise with your ethereal and celestial guidance, instruction, leadership, and support!  Thank you for this heavenly experience particularly our circle gatherings poetry evening and the goddess realm of S’s Ayurveda and cook–ups!


Loved the walking, the friendly people, the Kung Fu (you know, the tai chi – like exercises). Really enjoyed the guided meditation (as that is the level I’m at –I need the help to concentrate).  Loved the silence. Very much liked the fact I didn’t have to participate in everything.


Begin Your Journey Today

Every individual’s path to self-awareness, inner peace, and spiritual awakening is unique. David Rivers offers personalized experiences that resonate with your soul’s calling. Drawing from ancient wisdom and contemporary insights, our sessions, workshops, and retreats are designed to guide you through transformative moments of enlightenment and healing. Whether you’re new to the world of energy awakening or have been on this journey for years, there’s always a deeper layer to explore. Let us be your guiding light as you navigate the dance of stillness and movement, of seeking and finding. Start today, and witness the profound shifts in your consciousness and well-being

Awakening Essence: A Day of Self-Enquiry & Energy Exploration

Join us for a transformative day in Newcastle, diving deep into self-awareness and energy exploration. Drawing inspiration from Francis Lucille and incorporating the healing energy of Reiki in the Usui tradition, this workshop promises a journey of profound introspection and discovery

October 29 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Venue TBA

By Donation

Insights & Reflections

Dive deeper into the realms of self-inquiry, energy awakening, and holistic practices through our curated articles.

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Self Enquiry and Kundalini

About three decades ago, life presented me with a profound realization: a sudden and altogether spontaneous awakening to the Eternal Oneness of Being. This wasn't a result of effort or seeking; it was a spontaneous awakening. The catalyst? A chance meeting with a...

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